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The Formby Footprints in prose, poetry and music:

  • Robert Macfarlane: The old Ways - A Journey on Foot (2012), publ Hamish Hamilton, pp 358-364
  • Jean Sprackland: Strands - A Year of Discoveries on the Beach (2012), publ Jonathan Cape, pp 218-235
  • Helen Tookey, poet: 'Prints', in New Poetries V (2012), publ Carcanet
  • Hilary Tann, US Composer: 'Shorelines', premiered in Crosby, 7 July 2006, reviews in:
Researchers can find further information in the references below:

Television Programmes

  • BBC Four: Fossil Detectives, Episode 3 (4 September 2008) - West and Wales. Presenter: Hermione Cockburn (see also book in Publications section below)
  • BBC Two: Coast, Series 1, Episode 5, (15 March 2008) - Liverpool to the Solway Firth. Presenter: Alice Roberts
  • Channel 4: The Seven Ages of Britain (Justin Pollard), Episode 1, (15 November 2003). Presenter: Bettany Hughes

Radio Broadcasts

  • BBC Radio 4 "Prehistoric Footprints under the Sand", Pennine Productions for BBC Radio 4, 6 May 2003. Presenter: Mark Whitaker
  • BBC Radio 4, Natural History Unit, Bristol: "Footprints on the Landscape - Merseyside" (1994). Presenter: Sarah Blunt
  • BBC Radio 4 "Science Now" series: "Ephemeral Archaeology", (6 November 1993). Presenter: Alun Lewis. Participants: Professor Michael Day (British Museum - Natural History), Professor Geoffrey Wainwright (English Heritage) and Gordon Roberts

Text books referring to the Formby Footprints

  • Barry Cunliffe, Britain Begins, 2012, OUP. Images and text pp126-127
  • Philip H Smith, The Sands of Time Revisited, 2009, Amberley. Images and text pp51-53
  • Hermione Cockburn & Douglas Palmer: Fossil Detectives: Discovering Prehistoric Britain (2008) publ BBC Books, 'The Ephemeral Footprints', pp78-81
  • Chris Stringer, Homo Britannicus, 2006, Penguin / Allen Lane. Images pp233-234 and text p235
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  • Gaynor Aaltonen, The National Trust Magazine, Number 91, Autumn 2000. Images and text pp36-39
  • Colin Renfrew and Paul Bahn, Archaeology - Third Edition, 2000, Thames and Hudson. Image and text p303
Web sites


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